The Modern Ego

One bizarre property of the modern ego is the reality that it deceives itself regarding the nature of knowledge. People think it is certain that the people of the past actually knew nothing. According to the opinion of such people, the people of the past simply complied with the wrong ideas of prophets and guides. The modern ego urges them to accept that people in pre-modern times were blind followers of “non-scientific” and superstitious ideas. However, what moderns fail to recognize is that they merely are blind devotees of what is thought to them. The main difference is not in the phenomenon of blindly following and believing without thought, but in the nature of accepting the words of “prophets” as truth and authority.

The people of modernity mention things such as “we know…” or “scientists proved that…”. But what they mention is nothing more than what we believe with open arms in x, y, and z which schools and the media remark that we should believe in them. People never learn anything by first hand, but learn rather by putting faith in “prophets” of modernity such as Darwin and Einstein. It is treated as heresy and bigotry to claim that such prophets are in a deep-rooted error. Who could have the courage to question Darwinism in a modern university? Still, only very few people really understand the science which lays behind the significant views of such symbolic scientists. Great scientists themselves are terrifyingly specialized that they have no knowledge of what is beyond their narrow expertise. And with that, the phrase “scientists say that…” is the often exploited indoctrination of values that can only be adopted by the assumptions of the modern world.

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