Why Blog?

Hello there.

The idea of transferring thoughts is certainly mind-blowing! Through the combination of letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, in written form, we are able to share the physical complexity that our neurons possess to some other mind with a completely different complexity. Although the beauty in it, writing is for sure challenging. And as someone who thinks that the ultimate goal for a person should be to flourish by branching out in every direction, trying to reflect on society, modernity, education, life experiences, theology, nature, logic, science and philosophizing about these has become a mean of flourishing and dignifying the gift of existence.

Therefore, I want to improve my currently awful and ambiguous writing. At the same time, I wish to share my findings or questions and encourage you to engage with me with your much-appreciated feedback. So that I would be able to realize perspectives that I may have overlooked and perhaps correct my mistakes.

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  1. Philosophy or Anthropology? As an undergraduate, I majored in philosophy and took a double minor in comparative religious studies and anthropology. We appear to share some interests.


    1. I am leaning more towards Anthropology and will hopefully minor in it for now. That sounds really interesting. I am interested in all those fields, you already seem a very interesting being by merely looking at your education background 😊


      1. I would like to send you information about a group of young artists, scientists, and intellectuals that is currently forming up, and which I believe you will find interesting.

        This is only an offer to provide you with factual information about the group, and is not a solicitation for you to join it. The information is entirely free and without cost or obligation to you.

        Please contract me at paul_sunstone(at)q.com at your convenience.

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  2. Hello, you have a wonderful blog and lots of materials to be thinked about it. I am listening a playlist called Ottoman Classical Music and I was very impressed by how deep it is materialwise and I searched Huzeyfe Kıran name which I saw on Spotify. If it is your playlist I would like to learn the story of it. Have a nice day!


    1. Thanks for your comment! Well the playlist initially emerged from my interest in Ottoman Classical music as I started learning to play the Ney. From that time onwards, my interest grew as I was introduced to different modes of genres within the umbrella concept of “Ottoman Classical Music”, —such as şarkı, saz semai, ilahi, oyun havası, taksim, peşrev etc. I was especially admired by how rich the compositions were as it involved elements from different mosaics of culture such as from Greeks, Armenians, Balkans, Persians, Arabs… I highly value the tradition that has been upheld for centuries until today—although it is diminishing in some sense (like most traditional music). But I am glad that the playlist reached out to people like you who became impressed by it, like myself 🙂


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