Why Blog?

Hello there.

The idea of transferring thoughts is certainly mind-blowing! Through the combination of letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, in written form, we are able to share the physical complexity that our neurons possess to some other mind with a completely different complexity. Although the beauty in it, writing is for sure challenging. And as someone who thinks that the ultimate goal for a person should be to flourish by branching out in every direction, trying to reflect on society, modernity, education, life experiences, theology, nature, logic, science and philosophizing about these has become a mean of flourishing and dignifying the gift of existence.

Therefore, I want to improve my currently awful and ambiguous writing. At the same time, I wish to share my findings or questions and encourage you to engage with me with your much-appreciated feedback. So that I would be able to realize perspectives that I may have overlooked and perhaps correct my mistakes.

More about myself:

I am currently studying Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Hong Kong, but I am planning to continue my studies in the field of Philosophy or Anthropology. And about Hong Kong… Even though I have only been here for the last 2 years, the city is amazing in the way that there are so many things to contemplate about it both negatively and positively.

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