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The idea of transferring thoughts is certainly mind-blowing! Through the combination of letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, in written form, we are able to share the physical complexity that our neurons possess to some other mind with a completely different complexity. Although the beauty in it, writing is for sure challenging. And as someone who thinks that the ultimate goal for a person should be to flourish by branching out in every direction, trying to reflect on society, modernity, education, life experiences, theology, nature, logic, science and philosophizing about these has become a mean of flourishing and dignifying the gift of existence.

Therefore, I want to improve my currently awful and ambiguous writing. At the same time, I wish to share my findings or questions and encourage you to engage with me with your much-appreciated feedback. So that I would be able to realize perspectives that I may have overlooked and perhaps correct my mistakes.

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  1. Philosophy or Anthropology? As an undergraduate, I majored in philosophy and took a double minor in comparative religious studies and anthropology. We appear to share some interests.


    1. I am leaning more towards Anthropology and will hopefully minor in it for now. That sounds really interesting. I am interested in all those fields, you already seem a very interesting being by merely looking at your education background 😊


      1. I would like to send you information about a group of young artists, scientists, and intellectuals that is currently forming up, and which I believe you will find interesting.

        This is only an offer to provide you with factual information about the group, and is not a solicitation for you to join it. The information is entirely free and without cost or obligation to you.

        Please contract me at paul_sunstone(at)q.com at your convenience.

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  2. Hello, you have a wonderful blog and lots of materials to be thinked about it. I am listening a playlist called Ottoman Classical Music and I was very impressed by how deep it is materialwise and I searched Huzeyfe Kıran name which I saw on Spotify. If it is your playlist I would like to learn the story of it. Have a nice day!


    1. Thanks for your comment! Well the playlist initially emerged from my interest in Ottoman Classical music as I started learning to play the Ney. From that time onwards, my interest grew as I was introduced to different modes of genres within the umbrella concept of “Ottoman Classical Music”, —such as şarkı, saz semai, ilahi, oyun havası, taksim, peşrev etc. I was especially admired by how rich the compositions were as it involved elements from different mosaics of culture such as from Greeks, Armenians, Balkans, Persians, Arabs… I highly value the tradition that has been upheld for centuries until today—although it is diminishing in some sense (like most traditional music). But I am glad that the playlist reached out to people like you who became impressed by it, like myself 🙂


  3. I awoke this morning as I have for the last 63 years, with words dancing in my head. I find that if I engage these words, one or two will come to the forefront and tickle my imagination enough to use it in a poem or some writing, usually nonsense. The internet has helped greatly in this habit as research goes beyond a dictionary or encyclopedia.
    Today I find “taxonomy” pounding at my skull and so a quick internet search is made. Lo and behold, your blog post “Book Summary: The Order of Things: The Archaeology of the Human Sciences” was found.
    Also, what was found was a great world of written word that is both provocative and enlightening. You have produced content that in days of past, when coffee was the obsession of London, coffee houses would abound in debate and discourse such at this.
    Thank you for this great effort, and the AI algorithm which usually sends me to motorcycle parts.

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  4. I appreciate your dedication and clarity. Your summary of Foucault’s Oder of Things cuts through what for me is his off-putting discursive cuteness. You make his ideas useful. Thank you.


  5. Your blog is already a wellspring of new insights into many canonical texts. The blog has become a valued resource for my own thinking, and also a ‘place’ I visit with pleasure. I leave, always, with a buoyed sense of purpose, and, not least, a feeling of peace. Your capacity to produce the exquisite seems to be in perfect balance with the quality of humility I believe I detect in your approach to your work. The full extent of your intellectual undertaking is rendered in both text and image as beautiful and, to my eye, spiritual. I do thank you for it, all.


    1. I cannot express how much your beautiful comment gives me joy–joy of seeing that I could indeed host someone in this ‘place’, and have such bright spirited guests who may come and go, and let their presence known. Thank you…


  6. I was looking for meaning today. Visited Krishnanmurthy. Jumped to Wittgenstein. Which led to you. Never visited you before. Do not know you by name. Your pictures, the few words I saw and the haunting music made me feel at home. And when time permits, I might visit again. Thank you for the privilege of your space and your time.


  7. I am from CUHK and currently on an exchange program in Chapel Hill, united states, I am writing a essay about South Asian Ethnic Group in Hong Kong for a urban study course assignment and your blog inspired me a lot. I want to thank you for that and hope you a great day:)


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